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In a world where social media can reign as a dominant selling post for businesses, it’s essential to ensure your photos, infographics, and other visual assets are formatted correctly.

Each individual social platform requires a unique format setting for images to be correctly displayed. For example, on Instagram vertical images are more powerful and engage audiences better than horizontal images. On Facebook, horizontal images are required for correct formatting when sharing links and updating cover photos.

Although it’s tempting to forgo correct formatting for the sake of time, it’s vital to your business long-term success and growth on social platforms. And as the internet continues to grow, so does the importance of your business’s presence on it.

We understand correctly resizing and adjusting content to fit into each social platform takes a certain amount of time that many companies find tough to spare. That’s why here at Send it Rising, we relieve the pressure by working with businesses to increase their social media and internet marketing presence both in Las Vegas and around the world.

Send it Rising – Social Media in Las Vegas & Beyond

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social media las vegas