Blogging Guide for Beginners: How to Improve Your SEO

We are living in a digital world, and how successful businesses operate reflects this. Social media, website design, and SEO are essential to being visible on the Internet and potential new customers finding your business. 

Think of content you search for on the internet like ‘How to fix a garbage disposal? What should I deep clean in my house? How to create an efficient home office?’ The above questions are actual examples from our own recent Google searches. One takeaway from this is these are topics relevant to everyday life. Move over travel and food blogs! People are reading articles to solve problems. Having a company blog positions you as an expert in your field and drives traffic to your website. 

The benefits of adding a blog to your business are immense. We recommend all of our SEO Las Vegas clients have regularly updated blogs on their company website. 

10 Reasons to Have a Business Blog:

  1. Positions you as a leader in the field
  2. Humanizes your brand 
  3. Increases website rankings & improves SEO 
  4. Builds brand credibility 
  5. Affordable marketing 
  6. Ability to be in Google’s zero point position
  7. Builds relationships with community 
  8. Assists with reputation management 
  9. Increases sales and awareness 
  10. Builds a business community 
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How to Get Started With Your Company Blog

Start at the beginning. Writing is a way to make your company relatable while giving helpful tips to your customers and potential future customers. Some questions to get you started are: What is something about your company you know backward & forwards? What are frequently asked questions your clients pose? What are you passionate about in regards to your industry? What changes has your business seen or current events related to your industry? Looking at similar companies could also affirm ideas you have and help you think of topics you can have on deck for your next piece of writing. 

Once you have a topic in mind, there are some basic elements to include in your writing. 

What Elements Should I Include if I’m starting a Company Blog? 

  1. 400-500 word count 
  2. Incorporate pictures, graphics, & videos
  3. Link to pages in your website
  4. Add numbered lists when possible
  5. Include 2-3 keywords related to your company

While we typically carry out all of the elements of blogging for our clients, some of our clients take pride in adding additional pieces to their website. The component they usually have the most questions about is how to create visual assets. There are many free resources where novice graphic designers can create custom images. Below are three of our favorites. 

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Free Resources to Create Graphics: 

  1. Canva– You are able to upload images, add your company logo, and make infographics. Canva even helps you create images that are appropriately sized for different social media platforms.
  2. Unsplash– A content, rich blog has a plethora of images. Please do not just download pictures from the Internet as there may be Copywrite issues. Unsplash is a resource where you can download royalty-free stock images. 
  3.– If you are trying to decide a theme or color pallet for your graphics, visit This website allows you to upload your company hex colors and offers complimentary colors. 

How to Share Your Blog

Keyword placement and blogging can do wonders for your SEO. To help increase the number of people who view and interact with your writing, sharing it on social media in addition to your website will widen your reach. Sharing your information in a variety of ways will allow you to drive traffic to one place continuously. 

Ways to Share Your Blog on Social Media Channels

  1. Create a graphic to accompany your blog and post a teaser on your social channel. This may be the first couple of lines of your blog. 
  2. Upload a video directly onto the social platform. We find that videos can significantly capture an audience and build a following. 
  3. Consider hosting a Facebook Live event to answer questions and share new industry trends.
  4. Who are your followers? Write an opening sentence that speaks directly to them. How you communicate to heads of companies differs from communicating with the same company’s new hires. 
  5. Create an Instagram carousel or story that reflects information from your blog. Add up to 30 hashtags that are relevant to your field. The more specific they are, the more likely your post will reach the intended audience. Be sure to post the blog link in your bio so it can be easily accessed. 
  6. Create a variety of graphics (600 x 900 in size) to share a single blog and post several times on Pinterest. 
  7. Share portions of your blog on your Google My Business account in “posts.”

Blogging Tips for Success When You are Short on Time

Believe us, we get it. Time is precious. We find that most growing businesses devote the majority of their time to working with clients and working in their business, instead of working on their business. It can be overwhelming to run a business and then think about creating heartfelt blogs.

One strategy to employ is sharing the work. Our team members take turns writing blogs when we are inspired. This spring’s current events prompted new blogs from our social mediacontent, and web design managers. If you are a nonprofit or small business, consider recruiting help and collecting writing from other team members or volunteers. 

Google has also updated its algorithm. Gone are the days where posting 8 blogs monthly is necessary to stay relevant. Because of the sheer number of websites and pages out there, Google prefers to see rich longer content that people ACTUALLY want to visit regularly. This takes the pressure off of blogging just to blog.

If posting weekly blogs is overwhelming, consider updating content on your website. Updating older blogs that receive heavy traffic is also a way to keep content fresh and relevant. Revising a blog and resharing the link on social media platforms continues to increase website traffic. Check your Google Analytics account to determine which blogs receive the most traffic and would benefit from a revision.

Here at our Las Vegas Internet marketing company, we love helping clients grow their online visibility. If you need help assessing the current state of your company’s SEO, give us a call. Our talented team can help you identify industry keywords, create blogs, and increase your Google rankings. We believe we only succeed when your business is thriving. 

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This article was written by Send it Rising, digital marketing and eCommerce professionals focusing on eCommerce website design, SEO, listing optimization, and more. If you have further questions surrounding building your eCommerce in 2021, contact us here.

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