Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business, the best thing you can do is leverage your social media presence into creating a good relationship with your customers. But using social media in Las Vegas can be tricky, so below you will find some helpful tips about how you can make the most out of your different platforms.

Foster a Community

There’s nothing worse than visiting a business’ social media platforms and seeing generic, bland content. Often, potential customers will take a look at your platforms in order to decide whether they want to use your business. That’s why it’s important to create personal platforms where you interact with your customers and foster relationships. Make sure that you are responsive to customer questions, reply to comments, and engage with your customers. You can even think about hosting contests or giveaways to encourage good will and loyalty. Overall, the more you interact on social media, the closer your customers will feel towards you.

Have a Posting Plan

When you run a small business, your time is precious. And often that time is dedicated to pressing matters, whether that’s handling customers, taking care of your financials, or managing any problems. That means that you might put your social media posting on hold, or you just might forget altogether. To make the most out of your different platforms, then you absolutely need a posting schedule that you can stick to no matter what.

One kind of posting plan is an editorial calendar. You can select the specific days and times you want to post, schedule that time on a calendar that your consult each day, and create a routine for posting. But if you want a more hands-off approach, then you can use social media schedulers, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sprout to do the posting for you. With these schedulers, you can plan out an entire month’s worth of posts in one go.

Quality Over Quantity

The plain truth is that people judge a business by the way their social media platforms look. If you don’t post at all, a customer might not think that you’re an active business. And if you post a lot of content that doesn’t look visually appealing or relevant to your business, then your customer might be turned off. It’s more important to concentrate on the quality of your social media posts over obsessing over posting low-quality content.

Make sure that you are posting high-quality photos that match your business. It may be worth investing in a professional photograph to takes shot of your business, office, or products so that you can share beautiful content. You want to remember that, through social media, you are creating a brand identity, and you want to make sure that your identity speaks to who you are in a creative, appealing way.