How to Use Structured Data

It is vital that you use structured data as Google moves more toward entities and away from keywords. This helps them and other search engines determine what your page is about by eliminating any doubt when crawling your site.

Use Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are another very useful tool. They allow users to get more of an idea of what is on the page before they click on its link. This may help lower your bounce rate by letting viewers know what is on the site before they get there. You can use them to show photos to viewers increasing your click-through rates. You can also use them to let viewers see star ratings of your products. They can even see how long a project takes to complete.

Employ Schema Markup

Start by using Schema Markup on every web page. This simple open-source code helps them understand the purpose of the page. Google is more apt to use your content giving your company more space on the search engine result page.

Create Sitemaps

There are two types of sitemaps that you will want to use. You can choose to submit an XML sitemap or an HTML sitemap. An XML sitemap allows you to tell the search engine what information is key on the page. You can also tell the search engine the relationship between that page and other pages on your website. These sitemaps also help you show Google that you were the original creator of the content. An HTML sitemap links keyword-rich brief descriptions with each unique page. They are designed for human use. They are useful, however, in SEO for linking your web pages together in an organized fashion.

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