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Modern smartphones, laptops, and tablets have built-in GPS that tracks the user’s location, then automatically shows them nearby results when they enter a search like “coffee shop near me.” Users don’t have to input their city or zip code–Google pulls up nearby results with no additional information.

 When you’re in the area, you need to reach the top of the search rankings so customers will find you. Most website content uses second-person pronouns like “you” and “yours,” so adding “coffee shop near me” to your website sounds jarring. Fortunately, these methods boost your website’s ranking without breaking the content flow.

How to Draw Nearby Traffic to Your Website

 Along with traditional search engine optimization (SEO), an Internet marketing company like Send It Rising can incorporate these techniques into your marketing strategy.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

 Your Google Business Profile is the most essential tool in your arsenal. When Google creates the search results, it pulls information from your business profile. This includes hours, ratings, services, and contact information. Customers see this information and realize that you’re the right business for them.

 Google automatically generates a profile for some businesses, but don’t assume that it’s accurate–Google could provide false data and leave information out entirely. Make a free Google Business Profile, then add as much information as possible. The more you build your profile, the more professional your business looks, so don’t skip anything because you think it’s unimportant.

 Google Business offers dozens of features that practically turn your profile into a social media page. To polish it off, add photos, updates, services, and products. Talk to your customers directly through Google Business, and respond to reviews to show the community that you’re listening. This all increases your traffic and boosts your ranking.

near me keywords

Add Schema Markup

 Talk to an SEO company like Send It Rising about adding schema markup to your website. Schema markup creates rich snippets that customers see in the search engine results. Instead of just seeing a link to your website, they’ll see content you included in the schema, like hours, services, or a business description.

 Rich snippets make your site look professional and established because they show that you took the time to optimize your website. They also provide a hook that grabs viewers’ attention before they enter the website.

near me keywords

Develop a Mobile Website

 Your regular website shows up on mobile devices, but if it’s not optimized for mobile, your website may be clunky, awkward, and hard to navigate. Customers want instant gratification–and they won’t spend time zooming in so they can read tiny text. If they can’t access content immediately, they’ll jump to another website.

 An optimized mobile website increases your traffic, boosting your search engine rankings. Your website also holds your viewers’ attention when they arrive. Even if you have a high search engine ranking, you won’t get many conversions if your website turns people off. Keep in mind that not all traffic comes from search results–many visitors find your site through Google Maps.

 Optimized websites have clear blocks of content, crisp images, extensive links, and clean color palettes. Customers scroll vertically through the site as if they were scrolling through social media. With a handy form, customers can reach out to you directly through their mobile device–no need to log onto their laptops.


Build Pages for Different Locations

 If your business has multiple locations, add a different landing page for each location. Each page uses local keywords to target customers in that region. For example, if you have a location in Los Angeles, an Internet marketing company like Send It Rising would include keywords like “coffee shop in Los Angeles” into the content.

 When customers in your area search for your business, Google will provide the landing page for their location. This reaches customers that you might not reach with a generic landing page. Just make sure you keep the information consistent aside from possible variations in each location.

Gather Positive Reviews

 Google takes reviews into account when it ranks businesses in the search results. A portfolio of four- and five-star reviews increase your ranking and drives traffic. Good reviews also make customers more likely to choose your business when you appear on Google Maps.

 Encourage customers to leave positive reviews if they’re satisfied to help your business grow. Point out that they don’t have to write a whole paragraph–a sentence or two and a star rating still help your small business. To remind customers, give them business cards that mention reviews and ask for reviews on social media.

near me keywords

Reach Out to an Advanced SEO Company

 Climb the Google search results with advanced SEO techniques from Send It Rising. To start, we offer a free web audit that gauges your website’s current standing. Bring this information when you reach out to us to accelerate your marketing strategy. As an SEO company, we use techniques like Google ads, graphic design, local optimization, social media consulting, and web content production to attract customers throughout your region.