Social Media: Try These When Your Mind Goes Blank

Social media marketing seems as if it should be easy to master, but many people find the task confusing and intimidating. Beyond not being able to ensure that you know how to draw attention to your post, you might not know what to post!

While social marketing has come a long way in the past decade, small business owners like you can still use the most basic tips in order to craft an effective post. Try these the next time you find yourself drawing a blank.

Hashtag #lookatmyposts

Most people use hashtags when they want to accentuate a word, thought, or phrase. But did you know that the real purpose of the hashtag in social media is to bookmark a post within the social platform?

Specifically, when an end user searches for a certain hashtag word or phrase, they can find your post if you’re using the hashtag they’re looking for. This is why it’s important to use hashtags in your post texts. But the key is to use them sparingly. The over-use of hashtags make you posts look tacky and hard to read.

Ask your readers leading questions

Can you anticipate the questions that your site visitors in your industry vertical might ask? Think about common questions that potential prospects often think about, and use these in the body of your social posts.

Using the 4 Ws (what, why, where, were) are easy to use. But also start questions with phrases such as “Did you know,” or other phrasing that leads the end user towards clicking on your landing page links.

Create a social media voice and tone

The tone that you’d use within a social media post is far different than the tone of, say, internal correspondence. The nature of social marketing is informal and inviting, so be sure to come up with a message tone that resonates with your prospects.

While these are easy tips to implement, you might not have the time or the inclination to try them. If so, then it’s more cost and time efficient for you to outsource the task to a SEO Las Vegas agency that also specializes in managing social media accounts.