Local Rankings & Optimization Strategies


Local rankings are vital for service-based businesses that operate within a given service area. This includes businesses from law firms to florists and everything in between. Yet, when it comes to focusing and achieving local rankings, many business owners are left scratching their heads.

What are local rankings? And how do they make businesses money?

Think about the last time you opened Google Maps. What did you search for? Do you remember the reds pins that popped up with your search results? It probably looked something like this:

local rankings

The order in the search results is where a business ranks locally for certain keywords. The more local ranking optimization done on a monthly basis, the better rankings you achieve for your specific keyword range. These local rankings focus on Google Local, Google, and Google Mobile search results for business owners.

Local Rankings Are No Sprint 

Longevity and consistency are the two of the most important components to achieve local rankings. Getting the coveted first position takes time, but the benefits for ranking organically can be life-changing for a small business.

Once a business achieves local rankings, they begin to bring in leads and customers organically through online search engines. This means more phone calls, more form fills, and more revenue.

46% of online searches have local intent (SagaPixel)

According to SagaPixel, there are an estimated 40-60 million Google searches every month and 91% of adults use search engines to find information and services (SagaPixel). The internet is the #1 source of information. If local businesses cannot be found by the target audience online, how will they be found at all?

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