Why Google My Business is Vital to Your Online Brand

Google My Business (GMB) has been around since 2014. It’s free. And it’s from Google, of course. For all of those reasons and more, it’s a no-brainer to sign up your business. However, what a lot of businesses don’t understand is that Google My Business is a vital SEO and internet marketing tool.

As a leading Las Vegas Internet marketing firm, we’ve become experts on the best online SEO tools, and here’s why Google My Business makes the list.

It will enhance your credibility.

As we said, it’s a product of Google. Your prospects searching for your business have certainly heard of Google. The digital giant carries quite a bit of cache in the marketplace. And now your company has a pseudo-endorsement. Make it happen.


The connection between Google rankings and Google My Business is in plain sight. If you aren’t utilizing Google My Business through creating online postings, listing products, or answering questions, you’re missing out on key aspects that play into your business’ search engine rankings. Google My Business is more than a listing. Find out some of its other cool SEO aspects here. 

Your customers can leave quick (and very effective) reviews.

As they say, word of mouth is the most powerful advertising there is. What your friends, neighbors and fellow community members think of your business can carry a lot more weight than what you say about your own company in a clever ad campaign. GMB carries visible starred reviews that are easy for your customers to place and for searchers to read. (this is only a benefit if most of your reviews are good, so make sure that happens too.)

Your competitors are listed.

Yikes! Maybe we should have led with that reason. It might be the number one reason to get your place of business on GMB: everyone else is doing it. It’s free and effective, of course, your competitors are utilizing it.

We’ll Show You How

Are you convinced about the value of being on Google My Business? As one of the leading Internet marketing and social media companies Las Vegas, we’d be honored to show you how to take advantage of this free, no-brainer program and make the most strategically effective use of it.

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