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You’re just as impatient and impulsive as your customers. Think about it. How many times do you conduct an Internet search and scroll through 14 search engine results pages (SERP) before finding the page you want? Have you ever done that?

Neither does anyone else. Studies have shown repeatedly that most of us access one of the organic results at or near the top of the first results page when we conduct a Google search. That’s all we have time for. That means you must rank higher than your competitors. If they get there and you don’t, you’ve got problems.

As a leading SEO company Las Vegas, we make a living by figuring out why our clients keep getting outranked by competitors — and then helping them change the status quo.

Here are a few of the top reasons they’re getting the audience that you want.

Their sites are richer and more relevant than yours.

Google algorithms have learned to judge the quality of a website. What are users actually getting if they click on your page? Is it informative, in-depth, and of actual value to searchers? You can’t write fluff. You can’t provide sparse content. Write like the expert you are and offer a multi-media experience for your target audience.

They have a better SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization is the strategic use of keywords within the page content. Your top-ranking competitors have learned to think like their audience. If you use jargon that only insiders know, will that be the language your prospective customers use when looking for a company like yours?

These winning competitors also know to use relevant keywords on text and description metadata. And the importance of using different but appropriate keywords on every page, not just the homepage. But they don’t “stuff” or overuse keywords to the annoyance of the reader. It’s a delicate line, and they know not to cross it.

They use video.

Remember how many words a picture is worth? Now consider the appeal of moving images with music, humor, attractive visuals, or other engaging elements. Cisco recently predicted that Internet traffic will be more than 80 percent video by 2022, and the search engines are already taking note. The inclusion of brief video clips can boost your page rankings, primarily if you use alt tags with effective SEO strategy to describe the content.

Their content is refreshed regularly.

Google algorithms can detect “stale” content. You can’t simply launch your website and expect it to work for you forever. Things change, and so must your site. You get new products or offer new services. There are industry news and trends that must be explained. You have new hires and promotions, holiday parties, and other opportunities to humanize your site to your audience. Think of your commercial website as a living thing that must be regularly fed and maintained.

They rely on experts.

There’s a lot to unpack here. You can’t be expected to devote as much time as it will take to learn all you need to know to improve your search page ranking and boost digital marketing results. That’s the job of experts in SEO marketing. You’ve got a business to run.

At Send It Rising, we’re a marketing company Las Vegas whose only job is to help clients improve visibility and results through strategic SEO, effective content and design and improved marketing and social media. We can show you how to compete with your competitors when it comes to Google page rankings.

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